Influencer Endorsements


In today’s marketplace influencers are an integral part of promoting your brand. But, this has to be done right. We pride ourselves on our vetting process. We ensure that we only work with the best people who provide results. We don’t believe in a pretty face, we look for individuals that will work synonymously with you, we take into consideration every aspect from their following to location, nationality and whether they charge for collaborations.

We have built strong, trustworthy relationships with the region’s top influencers. Our strictly vetted list is ever expanding with talents who offer niche and engaged audiences. We are always on the lookout for up-and-coming talent, who’s creating a buzz and who’s found a niche in the market.

We believe these partnerships should always be mutually beneficial and long-term. Developing strategies that ensure our clients receive posts on or over a monthly basis, will get them the best return on investment. For our influencers, we always work with our clients to create an offering that will ensure they receive tools to create content that is second to none.

“Out of 1,000 male and female residents in the UAE, 71% would take advice from social media influencers

before making a purchase” – BPG Cohn & Wolfe