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Public Relations


We have been in the region for over a decade. As long-term UAE residents we have watched the industry grow and change. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built over this time. We believe in a personal approach. Our database is full of strong working relationships, many of which, overtime have developed into friendships. This is because we don’t believe in just picking up the phone or blasting off an email.

We want to learn who the press is and the publication they work for. Sitting down for a coffee and developing a plan of action ensures we know what they require from our clients. The press trusts our pitches. They know that we only send relevant stories to the relevant people. No mass emails, only tactical pitching. Speaking both English and Arabic has also developed these relationships and our understanding further.  

Our stories our creative. We offer unique content that is developed in house. These materials allow for captivating articles and features that will reach and inspire our client’s audience. You can see this in our remarkable track record. We don’t wait for the changes in the world of PR and media to happen, we stay ahead of the game to ensure our content has a creative edge, meaning it stands out from the crowd.

“Advertising is saying you’re good. PR is getting someone else to say you’re good” – Jean Louis Gassée